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Business Administration, Executive Master (EMBA)


University of Strathclyde Business School - Swiss Centre

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Zürich (ZH)




Weiterbildung: Lehrgänge

Zeitliche Beanspruchung



Management, Führung




7.616.28.0 - 7.616.35.0

Aktualisiert 18.01.2016


Beschreibung des Angebots

The programme comprising four modules, namely:
The Reflective Practitioner, Making the Business Work, Strategic Management for Sustainable Success and Personal Development.

The Reflective Practitioner
This stage has three themes – the Learning Manager, Governance and Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership – all of which are designed to respond to the increasing emphasis in the business world on corporate social responsibility and professional practice.

Making the Business Work
This stage examines key disciplines of management. In order to be a successful and adaptive manager, you need to be aware of the disciplines necessary in organisational processes and working life. This stage takes you through a range of management fundamentals and processes which are operated by specialist units in large organisations, via six distinct sections:

  • Finance and Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Analytical Support for Decision Making
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Operations Management
  • Managing People in Organisations


Strategic Management for Sustainable Success

This stage will develop your ability to work as a manager in a modern organisation by introducing you to a wide range of tools, techniques and theories relevant both to daily management and strategic change. Classes in this stage will help students deal with organisational ambiguity and uncertainty, planning for the future of the business, and strategy making through the following sections:

  • Exploring the International Business Environment
  • Strategy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Making Strategy

Personal Development
There are three sections within this stage:

  • Strategic Consulting in Practice
  • Two Elective classes
  • MBA Project



  • A broad understanding of business and management issues
  • Strategic orientation and the ability to successfully implement the strategies formulated
  • Development of management skills and techniques
  • Self-awareness as a manager and leader
  • Increased confidence in all areas of business



  • University degree
  • Minimum 3 years relevant management experience and a suitable qualification
  • A solid working knowledge of English, assessed during interview and test
  • at least 24 years of age


CHF 55'000.-
Scholarships are available for women, entrepreneurs and young families.


  • Master of Advanced Studies MAS (inkl. MBA, EMBA)

MBA Master of Business Administration awarded by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland

Praktische Hinweise

Ort / Adresse

  • Zürich (ZH)

Zurich Airport

Zeitlicher Ablauf


April and October


24 months
The programme is launched with an initial three day intensive seminar.
This is followed by regular two or three day seminars (about twice a month on a weekend).

Zeitliche Beanspruchung

  • Teilzeit


  • Englisch


Courses take place at Zürich Airport Conference Center and at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (summer electives).

The Strathclyde University MBA in Switzerland is delivered jointly with Swiss Management Forum, and consists of a variety of learning methods:
- Face-to-face teaching by Strathclyde University lecturers
- All course materials provided by Strathclyde University
- Regular local support by Swiss Management Forum
- Self-directed learning with specially prepared core learning materials
- Assignments and examinations set and marked or validated by Strathclyde University lecturers

Accreditation by AACSB, AMBA and Equis